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Metrojet’s Latest ‘luxury Journeys’ Offering Inflight Sichuan Experiences

Metrojet Ltd., a leading provider of business aviation services in Asia, is continuing its ‘Luxury Journeys’ campaign by collaborating with Qi – a deeply rooted Sichuan restaurant with creation of modern interpretation on the traditional dishes – to offer an exclusive in-flight menu to Metrojet’s elite customers. The campaign is in its third season collaborating with outstanding luxury partners.

Home-made Pork & Cabbage Wontons in Chili Oil

The ‘Home-made Pork & Cabbage Wontons in Chili Oil’ is usually more sweet than spicy. The Qi’s secret recipe brings the spicy taste of the chili oil to the next level – the after taste swirls in the oral and nasal cavity, challenging every spicy lover!

Braised Mandarin Beef in Chili Oil Soup

‘Braised Mandarin Beef in Chili Oil Soup’ is one of the most traditional Sichuan dishes, Qi managed to create the strong spicy red sauce with numerous authentic Sichuan pepper and star anise. Together with the nicely treated soft and tendonless beef, the rare dish is brought to the relaxing sky by luxurious private jet.

Mouth Watering Boneless Chicken

Qi spoils her eaters with hand-shredded boneless chicken mixed with the signature spicy peanut sauce. The delicacy shows a sense of sincerity.

Kung Pao Prawns with Peanuts

The freshness taste of the sea prawns is brought out by different layers of colourful spice, the peppery but not spicily bitter ‘Kung Pao Prawns with Peanuts’ is another must try of Qi!

Established in 1995, Metrojet is a leading business jet operator and maintenance provider in Asia. The company provides comprehensive aircraft management, consultancy, maintenance and charter services and pioneered business aviation services in Hong Kong.