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Metrojet’s CEO Talked About Business Aviation at Royal Aeronautical Society’s Lecture

Metrojet’s CEO, Björn Näf was invited to speak at The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS)’s evening lecture.

The lecture entitled “Business Aviation in Hong Kong– the dragon dance is only just starting!” was held on April 7 at Cathay Pacific Auditorium. In the lecture, Björn Näf talked about operating environment and safety of business aviation in Asia and explained the differences between business aviation and airlines.

Founded in 1866, The Royal Aeronautical Society is headquartered at Hamilton Place in the UK and has an international network of 63 branches, the Hong Kong branch was formed in 1983. RAeS is a regional embodiment of the Society representing a local pool of aeronautical expertise.

“Mr. Näf’s lecture not only introduced Metrojet operations to our members, but also broadened our knowledge on business aviation in the region and its tremendous growth potential in the near future,” said Mr. Christopher Gibbs, Chairman, RAeS – Hong Kong Branch.

“Metrojet has been in the business aviation market for over 15 years. Being a leading business jet operator in the region, I am glad to share our experience and knowledge in Business Aviation with RAeS members,” said Björn Näf, CEO of Metrojet.