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Metrojet Unveils New In-flight “Lifestyle Experience’ in New ‘Luxury Journeys’ Initiative

Metrojet Ltd., a leading provider of business aircraft services in Asia, today announced a totally new in-flight ‘lifestyle-experience’, combining the unveiling of a new flight-attendant fashion look with the launch of a new menu of the finest gourmet food and The Glenlivet 18-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky drink pairing.

The new initiatives are part of a new “Luxury Journeys” campaign, which will see Metrojet collaborating with the finest luxury partners to offer on-going seasonal and exclusive products and services to its elite customers.

Metrojet has collaborated with acclaimed Hong Kong-based fashion designer Dorian Ho, in the design of new cabin-crew uniforms.

The new cabin-wear collection includes a core wardrobe of a coat, a dress and a suit, featuring simple but elegant accents of black, cream and beige. The subtle classic colours, worn by the team of 40 Metrojet in-flight attendants, matches with the prestige and elegance of the company.

The concept behind the new uniforms was to create a perfect mix of east meets west with beauty and functionality. The coat is fitted with an intricate Chinese-style satin belt. Influenced by the oriental aesthetics, the dress features traditional Chinese buttons and falls elegantly just below the knee.

Celebrated Chinese designer, Dorian Ho said, “This project was a pleasant challenge for me. There were so many things to consider when designing the outfits. Each piece has been tailormade with bespoke elements, but they must also perform a function and the ladies need to feel confident and comfortable in their uniforms whilst working around the aircraft.”

The fresh, new, fashion collaboration is accompanied by a unique culinary experience that pairs the finest The Glenlivet 18-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky with a sumptuous menu, created by Executive Chef Francesco Greco of top Hong Kong Italian restaurant, Messina IL Ristorante under K.O. Dining Group.

The Messina Metrojet 3-course pairing special seasonal menu delicately marries the silky smooth finish and elegant vanilla and floral flavours of The Glenlivet 18YO, enriched by a layer of orange and chocolate taste from the ex-sherry cask matured whisky, with the Italian 3-course pairing menu.

An entrée comprises Scottish smoked salmon with Sicilian orange salad, followed by a mouthwatering main course of Mezzi Paccheri pasta in Mazara del Vallo red prawn sauce and completed with a Torta apples, saffron and raisin, Madagascar vanilla sauce dessert.

According to Francesco Greco, the elegance of whisky requires food to balance its crispiness; therefore the menu offers a simple pairing of intense flavours, natural depth and sweetness. Mr. Akihiko Nosaka, Director of Beverage of K.O. Dining Group said, “This perfect balance will entice an even more delicate taste of Italian cuisine with the smoky aroma and mellow elegance of The Glenlivet. Guests can expect to enjoy perfect pairing in this whisky flight menu with The Glenlivet 18YO.”

“Whisky professionals in Scotland add water to the whisky during tastings in order to identify all the flavor in a whisky. By carefully monitoring the amount of water to be added to The Glenlivet 18YO along with the appropriate wine glass, certain flavors in the whisky can be highlighted to better match with the courses,” commented Darren Hosie, Brand Ambassador of The Glenlivet.

Amongst other in-flight products and services, the ‘pairing’ menu represents a special seasonal accompaniment to Metrojet’s dedicated Peninsula-inspired in-flight menu.

“Metrojet’s new uniform and seasonal menu launch, offers a truly unique in-flight experience for our clients,” explained Metrojet CEO, Mr. Björn Näf.

“Our collaboration with Dorian Ho has been a fascinating creative journey, resulting in a new, elegant and classic look for our flight attendants.

“The Glenlivet and Messina pairing menu continues the enhanced Metrojet lifestyle experience, combining with all the traditions of the very finest Speyside whisky with a truly innovative Italian food pairing.

“Whilst we embrace clients’ in-flight preferences, it is at the core of the company to bring meticulous and unrivalled experiences to clients. We will continue to further enhance and refine our service offerings, which represent the very essence of Metrojet, reflecting our Quality, Heritage and Excellence.”

Established in 1995, Metrojet is a leading business jet operator and maintenance provider in Asia. The company offers comprehensive aircraft management, consultancy, maintenance and charter services and pioneered business aviation services in Hong Kong.