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Metrojet Flight Data Technology set to Enhance Safety and Quality Standards

Metrojet Ltd., is pleased to announce commencement of our in-house Flight Data Analysis Programme (FDAP), pioneering the use of FDAP technologies to enhance Flight Operational Safety and Quality for Corporate Aviation in the Asia Pacific region. Metrojet will be utilizing Aerobytes Ltd. as the core analysis software supplier for the programme development.

The new digital flight data management software system – combined with Metrojet’s highly qualified, specialist team of safety professionals – means that Metrojet is currently the leading business aircraft operator in Asia to have a dedicated in-house capability to handle and process raw Flight Data Recorder and Quick Access Recorder data and adjust event specifications to align with manufacturer’s flight manuals and Metrojet’s own standard operating procedures.

The system enables Metrojet to be in full control of the entire Flight Data Analysis Programme (FDAP), providing the flexibility and timely turnaround of analysis to address and review specific activities to prevent potential safety hazards or risks. The initiative by Metrojet to implement FDAP is highly supported by industry authorities.

“The Flight Safety Foundation, Business Advisory Committee, pioneered flight data monitoring for business aviation operators over a dozen years ago and continues to be a staunch supporter. The modern trend in aviation safety is for predictive systems that can identify unsafe trends rooted in latent conditions before they manifest themselves into an incident or serious mishap. Flight data monitoring is not only an excellent aviation risk management tool, but also makes good business sense when you consider the high costs associated with an incident or serious mishap,” said Captain Peter Stein, Chairman of the Flight Safety Foundation Business Advisory Committee.

“Whilst it is common practice for commercial airlines to have a full Flight Data Analysis Programme in place, this is not the case for private aviation,” commented Metrojet Director of Corporate Safety and Quality, Mr. Roger Lee. “As a continuous improvement initiative, Metrojet is dedicated to enhance our safety metrics with the overall aim to proactively manage risk and ensure our aircraft are operated with the highest standards,” he explained.

Established in 1995, Metrojet is a leading business jet operator and maintenance provider in Asia. The company provides comprehensive aircraft management, consultancy, maintenance and charter services and pioneered business aviation services in Hong Kong.