CEO Message

It’s an exciting time for Metrojet and its people as the company continues to grow.

With my experience in the airline industry, from the cockpit to the boardroom, I want to ensure the company continues to build on its strength of operational excellence, high standards and outstanding business aviation customer service. We continuously strive to improve in all areas, from flight operations and cabin service through to engineering and administration. We are used to best practices and this is what we have built on over the last 30 years in Asia.

Key to all our achievements and future goals are a strong corporate culture based on teamwork, communication, professionalism and business ethics. We do not compromise on this and invest in our people to make sure the team is motivated, skilled and delivers the best services possible.

Metrojet has built its reputation over many years and we are a strong company, based in Hong Kong. With the growth opportunities in Asia we are expanding our product and services to other countries and new regions. We continue to work diligently, focused on keeping the highest standards and reputation which enables us to be the leading business aviation company in Asia.

We are here to serve our customers and our team understands this. I can assure you of my full commitment to do our best to deliver services above your expectations.

Thank you for visiting our homepage.

Chief Executive Officer

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