Aircraft Charter

Metrojet provides private jet charter services to fly business leaders and executives throughout Asia and beyond — a personal airline for clients for whom time is valuable and a productivity tool that can enhance efficiency by reducing multi-stop traveling days. We also provide block charters for clients who require frequent travel. Our 24-hour professional multi-lingual operations team is standing by to process your flight requests and prepare all of the necessary permits, your in-flight catering preferences, and arrange for clients to embark and disembark anywhere in the most expeditious manner through VIP channels. Our China office in Beijing also helps to ensure speedy flight clearances and access to airports throughout China.


  • Superior Metrojet safety standards
  • Choose your take off time
  • Confidential in-flight environment
  • Flight schedules can change at your request
  • Exceptional in-flight service
  • Fly to your destination directly
  • Speedy boarding/arrival through VIP channels

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